TED Hair Restoration

ALMA TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a truly revolutionary, non-invasive hair growth treatment for those who suffer from hair thinning, hair shedding and hair loss.



This treatment uses ultrasound, which is sound waves and air pressure to allow the deeper penetration of a nutrient and peptide rich topical hair growth formula deep into the scalp, where your hair follicles are. This will increase blood flow, optimizing the health of your scalp, stimulating hair follicles to produce much thicker, healthier and stronger hair!

This incredible combination treatment takes about 20-25 minutes. There is no anesthesia needed as there is no needles, and no pain! You will feel a warm sensation and loud vibration/ringing throughout the course of the treatment, but there is absolutely no pain during, nor after the treatment. We have disposable ear plugs for your additional comfort.

During the treatment, ultrasonic sound waves at a very specific low frequency cause tiny, transient gaseous bubbles within the stratum corneum of your scalp to quickly expand and collapse. This temporary disrupts the lipid bilayer, therefore temporarily increasing permeability. This allows the nutrient rich solution to be delivered where it needs to go; to stimulate your follicles. This mechanical pressure of the sound waves creates a push-pull effect to further facilitate the delivery of compounds through the stratum corneum layer.



You can expect some minor results soon after your first TED Treatment, but we recommend to have a series of at least three TED treatments, one month apart for optimized results.

We also offer post care Kerafactor hair shampoo and scalp conditioning kits to be used post procedure.
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